Connecting my Belt to the App - Android




  • Ryan Lund

    My mz-1 is still not connecting. I've tried everything one here. The monitor turns on and off but won't connect to the app.

  • scott bardowell

    Same here. Nothing seems to work. The transmitter is working because it connects to my exercise bike but not the app.

  • Christina Herneisey

    this is redic!!!!!! it wont pair and link and its pissing me off

  • therealtjcrawford

    I'm having the same problem connecting my MZ3. I see the phone belt on my phone but it says the belt is rejecting pairing. 


  • steven grossman

    Please respond to my e mail

  • steven grossman

    Would like to talk to someone

  • Veronica Calhoun

    My zone is sending me an Mz3 strap to see if that works

  • Mateusz Jarzembski

    Hi guys.
    Please make sure that your Bluetooth and location are both on otherwise it won't connect.
    1. Put your belt on and make sure it makes a single beep.
    2. Turn on your location and Bluetooth
    3. Turn on your app. And wait a couple of minutes.

  • Gwenno Griffiths

    My belt will not connect to the apl. I keep getting pairing rejected message

  • Michelle Prinsloo

    Belt wont connect to phone have tried everything, it should not be this hard!

  • Katy Glymph

    A LOT OF TROUBLE for the money.  I liked it at first, but now it won't connect.  

  • Michelle M Anderson

    This thing never connects! It turns on the turns off right away. A WASTE OF MONEY!!!

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