Facility Codes Explained




  • Scott Malton

    Amazon hasn't provided me a facility code ???

  • Nick Beale

    If you are not associated with a Myzone Facility/Gym then use MZUS001

  • Simarpreet

    Can you please change my code as I have changed my gym location. The new code is 9 RAU014. Thanks

  • Patrick Casey

    Why the hell does anyone HAVE to enter a facility code.... I just want to use what was gifted to me.. zero reason i can think of that i should have to contact customer support in order to use something purchased.

  • Bob Munroe

    Because it’s not a stand alone device
    Like many electronic devices it has to be registered to an owner.....facility code is part of tour identification

  • Kevin Martin

    So is Myzone only usable if I use a gym?

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