I need to change my Max HR




  • Ron Moore

    I have emailed you several times but it hasn't been changed .

  • Darren

    Hi Ron

    Sorry for the delay, I have asked the team to look into this one.

    Kind Regards

    Team Myzone

  • Nicola Fielding

    Could you look into changing mine as soon as possible aswell please. I have emailed several times and heard nothing. I am now in the situation that I cannot even hit yellow zone because of the change. This has been ongoing for some time.


  • Shelly Slater

    I don't understand why I can't enter my age and birthday into MyZone, and it automatically calculates my max heart rate(it's a standard formula).  Every birthday a new, age adjusted max heart rate would be calculated and the device adjusts accordingly.



  • Richard Lancaster

    I’ve emailed support a couple of times requesting my max HR is put back to where it was before it was automatically increased, but have not had an answer or had the requested change made. Unfortunately the belt is pretty much unusable now, as I can’t even get into the yellow zone regardless of how hard I train. Please can you look into my tickets and update.

  • Shelly Slater

    Had I known it would be this difficult to get my heart rate changed, I would have purchased a different product. 

    The fact that I spent money on a device that I am NOT in charge of, and the support isn't immediate, is very frustrating to me.  I don't understand why access to my own device, to make the needed changes is limited.

    You should consider a "personal user code" that allows people to be in control of their own device.  If this code is used, the ability to accrue points will be disabled.  This would prevent one from cheating to earn extra points, if they are in a challenge or promotional event.  

    Very disappointed. 

  • Darren

    Hi Shelly 

    I have instructed our support team to take a look at your account and adjust the Max HR accordingly. Thanks for the suggestion, we are actively looking at ways we can allow more control of user settings in the future and your feedback is much appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    Team Myzone

  • sidney thompson

    My myzones updated my heart rate zones by itself,now I can barely get out of the grey on my workouts, even though I feel I am working really hard. Have left messages, know one has got back to me on live chat. This problem is really killing every workout I do!!! Even went and bought a new belt as I thought it could be that even though my equipment is only 5 weeks old. Please could you help!!!

  • Sarah Serinken

    Hello, I emailed to change my max hr but have not heard back. I want it to be lower than where it initially started. Please get back to me!

  • Nick Pontillo

    Where is live chat? Email response takes entirely too long and there is no way to correct for workouts with erroneously increased max HR.


  • Michael Mcconnell1989

    Hi there, I have submitted a ticket to lower my Max HR from 192 to 182, and I was hoping to get a response, it’s completeky disheartening working to the full and not getting out of Yellow, I troevoulst had a Polar and it was working perfect, but to get the full use out of my Gym and mainly Blaze classes I paid for the my zone belt this is something I really want to work but it’s actually putting me off due to the fact of the Max HR being off and unable to change it. Here is a copy of my ticket request.

    Michael Mcconnell1989
    Jan 26, 12:13 PM CST

    Hi there, my max heart rate is set at 192 bpm after discussing this with my PT and blaze instructor this is too high, also compared to a previous monitor this is higher, I would like to request my max HR bpm be reduced to 182 bpm in line with my other monitors and from the instruction of the blaze instructor. Thanks

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